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ZAHABI CO. has successfully operated since 1955 in Syria's industrial, electrical, and consumer sectors.

 ZAHABI CO. has a long and proven record in investing in a diverse set of businesses. It has excelled in partnering with top international firms and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to transition such entities to Syria.

 The company's principle is to provide Electrical & Electronic products of excellent quality to its prefered customers.

 ZAHABI CO. is is supplier for the following brands in Syria::

 The Company offers a wide range of Low voltage components, Automation products, and services, including, but not limited to the following:

 Drives and motors:

Power electronics with geared motors � from AC-DC controllers and frequency inverters all the way through to servo technology and small drives - all of them are offered by ZAHABI CO. from Lenze (Germany) under the motto "Your future is our drive."


Consumer & Industrial power protection:

ZAHABI CO. offers L.V Components from GE Consumers & Industrial Europe AEG brand (Germany). GE has one of the most comprehensive ranges available to meet the needs of today's demanding housing & industrial market.


Automation and control for industrial facilities:

ZAHABI CO. offers automation and control products from SIEMENS (Germany), as well as related integrated systems. Automation and control products are applied in controlling the widest conceivable variety of machines and plants.


Reactive power compensation equipments:

Awareness of the necessity of power quality is increasing, and power factor correction (PFC) will be implemented on a growing scale in future. ZAHABI CO. offers reactive power compensation equipments from EPCOS (Germany) for the purpose of saving costs and ensuring a fast return on investment by enhancing power quality and improving power factor.


Universal measuring devices:

ZAHABI CO. offers Universal measuring devices with simple usage systems from Janitza (Germany), and ensures the high quality standard of these products with the most modern technology.


Power factor correction relays:

ZAHABI CO. offers matured standard components from BELUK (Germany), which is one of the leading manufacturers in the area of power factor control relays.


Innovative connections and spring terminals "CAGE CLAMP":

ZAHABI CO., for the first time in Syria, has introduced the CAGE CLAMP, which is the internationally known trademark of the cage clamp spring pressure connection system from WAGO GmbH (Germany). It also offers a range of rail-mounted terminal blocks, which are used for all industrial applications as well as building installation to save costs and space.


Timers-counters, Micro PLC:

To fulfill all your needs, ZAHABI CO. offers timers�counters, and micro PLC from CROUZET (France).


Programmable controllers for dying machines:

ZAHABI CO. offers industrial PC & programmable controllers with various functionalities and modular extensions from SETEX (Germany), which can be adapted to the functions of dye machines, and fulfills the requirements for medium and high degrees of automation as well. 


Applications for electrical design needs from IGE-XAO Group:

ZAHABI CO. offers Caddy++ software products, which have been designed to help manufacturers in the design and maintenance of the electrical part of production processes. This type is designed and produced by IGE+XAO Group (Germany). The range functions either with an independent computer or with a company network.


Industrial control:

ZAHABI CO. offers Easy View Touch Screen Operator Interfaces from Weintek Labs, Inc., which is a professional company that designs and manufactures the hardware and software of PLC Operator Interfaces(HMI).

 ZAHABI CO. continuously searches for expansion of its product range to serve its customers even better in the future.

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